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Mike Czumak

12 minute read

Whether its’s for a bug bounty or a penetration test, it’s very important to demonstrate the impact of a vulnerability. Not only do most organizations have limited resources and competing priorities (so turning over a report with a long list of low impact vulnerabilities isn’t very helpful), but in the case of bug bounties, it also dictates payouts.

Mike Czumak

22 minute read

I just wrapped up the Offensive Security Cracking The Perimeter (CTP) course and one of the topics was AV evasion. Although I write a lot of custom scripts and tools, when it comes to AV evasion, I typically rely on the tools and methods of others (Veil, powershell, python, custom shellcode). That said, the great thing about courses like CTP is they give me an excuse to investigate a topic that I haven’t had an opportunity to delve into in much detail.

9 minute read

A while back I introduced the EggSandwich in my tutorial on Egghunting as a means to implement some basic integrity checks into the traditional Egghunter and overcome the problem of fragmented / corrupted shellcode. I recently took the opportunity to update my implementation so it could accomodate shellcode of any size. The code and a brief explanation follows.

26 minute read

Welcome to Part 1 of a series of posts on Windows Exploit Development. In this first installment I’ll cover just the basics necessary to understand the content of future posts, including some Assembly syntax, Windows memory layout, and using a debugger. This will not be a comprehensive discussion on any of these topics so if you have no exposure to Assembly or if anything is unclear after you read through this first post I encourage you to take a look at the various links to resources I’ve…

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